Tuesday, May 31, 2016

31/05/2016 Continual rain. . . . . . . and a couple of photos from last weeks walk.

Maximum temperature 19C, minimum 11C.  48 km/h SW winds.  18 mm of rain measured this morning and still raining!

Love in a Mist.

Lots of pods and 1200gr of broad beans from the garden.

Raindrop close to where I took the shot yesterday with the reflection of the house.

Filling in time, I made myself a choker with matching earrings.

Have put this on before - a workshop that I made for Nigel for his birthday many years back when we owned a Porsche 356.  Wish we had it now - worth a fortune!

A well hidden dam that I came across last week out walking.  I only saw it when I was about to cross over the spillway - lots of trees.

Common Blue female, taken with the Samsung last week.

Speckled Wood also taken with the Samsung.

and a ruin of something next to the dam.


  1. Replies
    1. Frustrated by the weather I have to find things to do around the house! :-) Diane

  2. The Porsche workshop that you made is awesome! A treasured keepsake I would imagine.

    1. If only we had the real thing! I think it is treasured though. Diane

  3. Hello Diane,
    Congratulation for your necklace, I wouldn't have the patience any more!!
    That dam seems very promising for dragonflies, LOL!
    Lovely porch garage too, I bet Nigel was happy to have it!
    Thanks for your comment on my sparrowhawk, and thanks for taking sides with the bird, as David Gascoigne has put it, aren't WE the real killers on this planet??!!
    Huge hugs and enjoy your afternoon :)

    1. Ha ha I nearly did not have the patience when all the beads rolled off the nylon thread and landed on the floor!! I had to start all over again.
      When I walked to the dam the track was very overgrown and I came home with a rash all up my legs despite having long trousers on so I will have to give a second trip there serious thought :-)
      Certainly WE are the killers on this planet, and we don't just kill because we are hungry! A thought that makes me VERY angry!
      Warm hugs and have a good day Diane


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