Wednesday, June 1, 2016

01/06/2016 The rain continues..........

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 10C.   32 km/h NE winds.  19 mm rain measured.
Remember the 'well pruned' trees in Chasseneuil, they are now starting to shoot again - all over.

Flower beds in Chasseneuil.

La Rochefoucauld railway station.

As above.

Cutting the edges.




Sweet William.

Red Robin - spot the two ants!

Bumble bee in the borage, about the only insect around other than the ants!


  1. A railway station of such elegance might encourage people to take the train!

    1. Not at the moment with the strike on! The reason why we were there was to try and ascertain if we were going to be able to get to Paris next week. Everything is up in the air at the moment very unsettling.!
      Many of the country stations are architecturally very similar. Diane

  2. Rain again!! Is it always so rainy at this time of year in France?

    1. No, when we bought here we were told it was a drought area and to often expect water rationing. Although it has never been that bad in the 10 years we have been here, we have never had over 600 mm in the first 5 months of the year either. Also the heating is generally turned off in April, it is back on at the moment!!!! Diane

  3. Looks like full blown summer in all it's blooming beauty. Nice lines on the railway station. You've captured the rain drops superbly but suppose you're ready for dry.

    1. Very ready for dry although we want rain while we are away for the garden! Wish also we could get out of winter clothes!!! Hopefully all will go as planned, but we still do not know if the train will run to Paris. Stay well,Diane

  4. Hello dear Diane,
    Like David, I think the railway station is a beauty!
    I battles to find the ants on the red robin, you've got a good eye sight!!
    Many thanks for letting me know you will be off the net for a month, I might have worried not to have your comments after a few days :)
    I hope all goes well for both of you and enjoy your time :)
    By the time you are back, I should have moved to my rent!!
    Huge hugs!

    1. Ha ha the ants are very small and almost central on the small leaf. I hope all goes well for you,it must be a very difficult time. Take care large hugs Diane

  5. Beautiful flowers, Diane. We are still feeling hot in spite of having some rain here.

    1. Thanks Nancy. Drier here today but still very grey and pretty cool! Diane


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