Tuesday, September 13, 2016

13/09/2016 A visit to Vitrac play French scrabble.

Maximum temperature 34C, minimum 16C. 91 km/h SW wind. Rain coming down as I type this (21h00) but so far not a lot.

The reading on the car thermometer as we left scrabble at 17h45 was reading 40C!!!!
Last nights sunset....

The village of Vitrac St Vincent...

as above any buyers out there...

Around the village...

The well in the centre of the village, bet this was busy in the olden days...

the narrow streets...

and still a trickle of water in the river....

The church Saint-Maixent Vitrac, a Romanesque building of the 12th  and 13th centuries....

the capitals at the doorway... 

the font... 

and inside. 

In the salle de fete, everyone settling down to play either scrabble or belote.


  1. Thats a hot day!. Beautiful sunset and the village doesn't look like it has changed much over the years, which gives it its charm. Good games to keep your brain active.

    1. It was hot and it brought storms all around but light rain here. We need more, but I prefer a little to a huge storm that does damage. My brain needs activating!! T'other Diane

  2. How do you handle accents when you play Scrabble in French?

    1. You don't, they do not exist :-)) I actually won a game yesterday but with some help from one of the French ladies we play with!!! Hope all is well Diane

  3. Yet another adorable village. Seems kind of hot for fall.

    1. Too true, 40C in the car was a bit hot!!!! Diane


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