Friday, September 16, 2016

16/09/2016 I have been working in the house all day today - some photos taken yesterday!!

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 12C. 36 km/h NW wind. Light rain on and off all day - not measured as yet.
Jean Lazure Weiller bought this magnificent chateau in St. Cybard, Angouleme in the early 20th century.  Chateau de Dampierre.....

It was used as a clinic from 1950 until 1985 and now is the HQ for the school of cinema animation...

Close up of the balcony.

He also built this house in the early 20th century....

for his driver and gardener!!

Bridge over the Charente river...

As above...

The Charente.

The Old Paper Mill.

Our favourite restaurant :-)  Chez Doud.


  1. You are surrounded by so much history. It is breathtaking.

    1. The history here is amazing, and it really does go back so many centuries. Have a good day Diane


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