Saturday, September 17, 2016

17/09/2016 Just a few of Garden shots.

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 8C. 29 km/h SE wind. Dry all day but 11mm measured from yesterday.
Any one expecting car photos today sorry, they did not happen, Nigel was feeling a bit down and did not feel up to it.
Bee on the lavender.

as above.

Acorns in the oak tree...

Soon these will be growing all over the lawn!  We need a pig to come and eat them up!!

A one shot and it was gone - a Meadow Brown I think.

A couple of Hydrangea flowers still hanging on despite the lack of rain.


  1. Lovely flowers and critters photos. We have a bit of rain but the day is still very hot. We still need to air con to sleep comfortably. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I cannot have aircon, it makes me ill after pneumonia 3 times!! It has really cooled down here over the last couple of days but we need more rain!! Take care Diane


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