Tuesday, September 20, 2016

20/09/2016 In the garden again but a bit more activity there today!

Maximum temperature 24C, minimum 10C. 15 km/h SE wind. Dry, and cloudy on and off.
Calendula - no not rain, I just watered a few plants!

Bee on the garlic chives.

Hover fly.

Red Admiral...

enjoying the dropped figs...

as above...

as above...

This hornet Vespa crabro kept chasing the Red admiral away, not sure why as there is plenty for all!!  I must say I kept my distance as far as possible!

The return of the Meadow Brown on the Sedum.


Californian poppy.

Today's crop of vegetables from the garden.
Parsnips, carrots, tomatoes, courgette, (zuchinni) and young chard.


  1. Beautiful photos of pretty critters and flowers in your garden. The poppy flower is so bright and pretty. We are prohibited from growing poppy plants in my country.

    1. I presume that is to stop opium poppies from being grown! I love poppies but I just have the regular ones!!! Have a good day Diane

  2. I think that Red Admiral must be one of the world's most cosmopolitan butterflies. Nice shot of it.

    1. Thanks David, they certainly seem to appear in a number of places. Diane


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