Wednesday, September 28, 2016

28/09/2016 Wildlife in the garden, plus a couple of others!

Maximum temperature 26C, minimum 11C. 9 km/h SE wind. Dry.
Green Lizard, Lacerta viridis ...

He posed so beautifully for me.

Buzzing in the Topinambour flowers...

Think this is a  hover-fly

as above.

Moth which I am not even going to try and identify.

Sternbergia lutea. 

Last but not least our supply of winter food in the garden!!!


  1. That Green Lizard really is a handsome little creature.

    1. They are lovely but not that little, they can grow up to 40 cms (16 ins) long. This one was probably about 30 cms (12 ins) long judging from the size of the pot he was on. Keep well Diane

  2. Bright and attractive yellow flowers! I seldom see orange pumpkins. They are very pretty!

    1. I think the orange ones are the most common here!! They give a splash of colour to the garden :-) Diane

  3. All these shots are stunning!! I sure like your garden.

    1. Now if only we could have some rain and the grass would turn green again!!! Even some of the long standing shrubs are looking very unhappy! All the best Diane


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