Thursday, September 29, 2016

29/09/2016 Out with Nigel on his bike in another direction. He said it was a difficult ride with the wind.

Maximum temperature 28C, minimum 11C. 38 km/h SW wind. Dry.
Last nights sunset.
Marillac-le-Franc - church and fountain.....

and their old weighbridge.

Cave de Saint-Sornin - great wine.  

Les Routier Restaurant St-Sornin - great food.

La Tardoire river at its lowest for sometime at Rochbertier...

as above.

There are many shrines and crucifixes around France.

Men at work - Le Chataignier...

as above...

Farmland and possibly another shrine on the left.

Vilhonneur church...

and war memorial.

And at home, Bee on the topinambour flowers.


  1. I know that you will want more than anything else to know whether I enjoy the wine from Le Cave de Saint-Sornin so you had better send me a case without delay!!

    1. Ha ha David,if it was only that easy. The bottled wine is excellent but you can also go in with containers and but on tap 5 or 10 litres and bottle your own which makes it very reasonable. Enjoy your weekend Diane

  2. Beautiful gold sunset and lovely river scene. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks Nancy, hope that you have a great weekend. Diane


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