Wednesday, October 5, 2016

05/10/2016 Out for a haircut and some shopping.

Maximum temperature 24C, minimum 9C. 21 km/h NW wind. Dry.
Last nights sunset...

and a couple of minutes later.

Brown Hairstreak hiding in the hedge - Thecla betulae - La Thécla du bouleau
Common Blue.


Red Admiral.


and even more so!

Sweet Chestnuts....

as above.

Cracked pot!! seen in a garden as walking by.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ralph, the cows were fascinated by me, ha ha. Hope all is well Diane

  2. ahh sunset is so lovely .
    Nature smiles through your photos dear

    1. Thanks for the comment, have a good day. Diane

  3. The sunset is superb! As always your macros are marvelous and you really were quick catching that worm eating lizard. Hope the pinched nerve is feeling better. Seems you worked out the computer problems.

    1. I have the the MRI on Tuesday so hopefully I will get some answers!!! Yes the computer problem appears to be solved, thanks to a bit of a chat to my ex Boss in the UK. Hope it will now be OK. Diane


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