Tuesday, October 4, 2016

04/10/2016 I went for a walk today, testing my leg and the pinched nerve - it feels much the same after as before. MRI next week.

Maximum temperature 25C, minimum 6C. 26 km/h NE wind. Dry.
Gotcha, I saw a quick movement out of the side of my eye... 

Small lizard, large earth worm...

Common Lizard and lunch.

Chicory flower.

Harvest will be very soon.

Grey Heron, it was quite a distance from me and one click and it was gone.

Why did the cat cross the road ?

Friends - Sparrow and Blue Tit.


  1. The lizard is welcome to his lunch! I have not the slightest desire to share!

    1. I have to go along with that comment LOL. Diane

  2. Great capture of lizerad and earth worm never saw such huge worm before.
    Loved the heron ,lucky shot though.
    Loved the last photo if tit n sparrow so adarablr

    1. Thanks Baili It was quite a big earthworm and not a very big lizard so it made it look even bigger ha ha. The heron was very lucky. I hope you are well Diane

  3. My goodness, what a large worm to feed on for such a small predator!!
    I hope you have plenty of them, they are so useful in a garden.

    "Why did the cat cross the road ?"
    A childhood dream.... to become a carpet! LOL!!!!!
    Lovely fur though!!
    I hope you are taking care of this pinch nerve, it is painful...
    Keep care Diane, and enjoy your afternoon :)

    1. I have no idea how it managed to eat all of that LOL. Plenty of worms here, also lizards! Ha ha about the cat, shame! I hope I will have some answers for the nerve next week after the MRI. Have a good day hugs Diane


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