Tuesday, October 11, 2016

11/10/2016 The Chimney sweep, (also our tiler and friend), arrived to sort out our chimney. A drive to Angouleme for an MRI but I will not have any answers till I see the surgeon on the 24th.

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 3C.  27km/h NE wind. Dry.
I find the above temperatures hard to believe when you can see our car is only reading 10C at 11h40!!!

The chimney sweep putting on his gloves...

always with a happy face...

Going uuuuuuup......

Brushing the chimney...

and spotlessly cleaning up afterwards.

Driving past La Rochefoucauld....

and on to Angouleme...

The roundabout and also a fountain near the station...

Angouleme Station... see Lucien on the left........

The giant statue of Lucien. Created by Frank Margerin, a French cartoonist, his most famous character, Lucien, was created in 1979. Lucien is a rocker from Malakoff with a huge pompadour that forms a cone in front of his face.

A monument at the station commemorates the forced deportations of local people by the Nazis in 1944, on trains from this station to  concentration camps in Germany.

Heading back towards home yet another lovely road sign - artificial lakes created 25 years ago for water supply and recreation.
We also had lunch near the station, but those hunger-making photos can wait for tomorrow,  as we have nothing else planned for what looks like a chilly day.


  1. Here it is also cold. Brrr. I love the photo of the chimney man. How are you now? Your health?

    1. I agree Ralph it is getting very cold and I hate it!! Thanks for asking, my back is not good but until I see the specialist 24 Oct I will not understand the results of the MRI!!!!! I am hoping that a simple injection might solve the problem but..... Keep well and enjoy your week Diane

  2. Always good to start the winter with a clean chimney. Lucien reminds me of Elvis. Hope you get some news soon from the doctor.

    1. Elvis was the first thing we also thought of but the hairstyle when you look closely is not quite the same! News I hope on the 24th but that is still a few days away!!!! Drive safely Diane


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