Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12/10/2016 Lunch at Le Terminus in Angouleme.

Maximum temperature 19C, minimum 1C.  31 km/h SE wind. Dry.  Cloudy all day and it feels very much colder than 19C.  In fact we lit the fire today for the first time this winter.

Le Terminus.


as above.

Fish and guacamole - amuse-bouche.

Veloute de potiron, quenelle de creme, effilochee de poissons.
Cream of pumpkin soup, Nigel's starter.

Piquillos farcis a la brandade de haddock, sauce au curry, friture de poireux.
Peppers stuffed with a haddock and mash potatoes, fried leeks. My starter and a meal on it own!

Pave de merlu grille, fumet de bordeaux batonnets de legumes.
Whiting and vegetables. Nigel's main course.

Fricasse de lapin en persillade, gratin de panais a l'emmenthal.
Rabbit with parsley and cheese parsnip. My main course.

The cheese trolley - about 30 choices.

and the dessert trolley.

All finished off with a perfect espresso.


  1. I think that you guys eat in restaurants more times in a month than we do in an entire year!

    1. This is a totally abnormal run. We generally do not get much further than the local repas that are held by the club and maybe a restaurant once in 3 months. Because of all the medical appointments I have had for my back, each one has been either just before, or just after lunchtime and in the city, so it has been a good excuse. Also we have a book that with six stamps at certain restaurants we will be given a bottle of champagne another great incentive!! If we make 10 visits to different restaurants on the list we get a free lunch. The latter though may be difficult as after 6 most places are too far away. We are just enjoying while we can :-) Diane

  2. Everything looks delicious. Your meal looks so different from ours. Cheese dessert with espresso sounds great! Yums!

    1. I agree your food is so different to ours ! Have a good day Diane

  3. No wonder your meals take hours with so many delectable and rich servings. All look yummy.

    1. LOL I love it that you are never rushed in France. Being retired makes it easy to eat slowly :-) Have a great weekend Diane


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