Tuesday, October 25, 2016

25/10/2016 Another trip to Angouleme.

Maximum temperature 22C, minimum 8C.  15 km/h SE wind. 3 mm of rain. There appeared to be much more rain near Angouleme yesterday than we had!
Leaving home it was very misty but the photos I took were useless!  The sky though was interesting with many vapour trails.

Still some mist around Angouleme on arrival.

This dear little Vespa and sidecar were parked in the underground garage. 

Outside after our meeting the mist had lifted and this is a view from the top of the hill across the train station....

The enclosed market on the right....

Looking the other way where there are a lot of residential places...

and the to left of the station runs the Charente river.

Inside the market; fruit....


and fish.

I have searched all over to find out what this is by the side of the walled part of Angouleme, and for the time being I have given up!!!  If any one knows I would be delighted to hear from them.

Another view of Angouleme from the bottom of the hill looking up. 

Some restoration going on here, but the exterior facade obviously remains as was which is good...

Large equipment moving in by the look of it.


  1. Beautiful photos, Diane, I love the views...and what a lovely market! I am not a fan of motorcycles, but I really like the Vespa! :)

    1. Linda I am not a motorbike fan either but I just had visions of this little Vespa travelling down a country lane with a dog in the sidecar wearing goggles LOL. Great imagination. Thanks for the comment Diane

  2. Adorable Vespa. I have seen a dog in a side car wearing goggles, but it wasn't a Vespa. Like the mural in the 6th photo. I really need to find a farmers market before winter sets in.

    1. LOL. There are some great murals in Angouleme, the one in the second photo is shrouded in mist! Plenty of farmers markets here but a little far for you! Diane

  3. Hello Diane,
    Angoulême is lovely city from what heard and your photos confirm it.
    The market is very attractive.
    Your Dunnock in the previous post is gorgeous, It's been quite a while since I've seen one.
    Don't tell me your breakfast in lake Kariba was a goliath Tiger fish?!! LOL!!
    Warm hugs and enjoy your day :)

    1. I have also not seen a Dunnock for a while but I noticed this one the other day, it was though keeping too much under the hedge for photos. There is some great artwork in Angouleme which I think you would also enjoy. Keep warm and hugs Diane


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