Monday, October 24, 2016

24/10/2016 A trip into Angouleme, a couple of birds, but WOW what a sky.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 13C.  39 km/h SE wind. 16 mm of rain last night, very welcome.
Autumn colours in the garden.

The very shy Dunnock - Prunella modularis

Great tit at the window...

as above...

and having a complaint by the look of it :-)

Rain en route to Angouleme...

and coming back home!

Nigel called me this evening for a great sunset, but behind it was even more spectacular...

I ran around the hamlet trying to get the best photo...

and the best light...

with the little camera...

I could not get it all in...

By the time I ran inside to get the wide angle lens the light had changed and the rainbow was fading.

Never the less the sky behind was still pretty spectacular with the setting sun in an orange glow.


  1. WOW!! Such a brilliant sky to chase.

    1. It was amazing and lasted well despite going in to change the lens on the other camera for the wide angle. Good exercise as well running around the few houses we have here :-)) Love your winter stop over. Diane

  2. Wow! What a spectacular rainbow and gorgeous sunset! Referring to your question on my post concerning the duck..I think they use flour or mushrooms to stand in for the duck in the vegetarian version.

    1. Thanks Nancy for the reply and yes it really was a wow sky for a short time. Keep well Diane

  3. What an amazing double rainbow. Love, love, love your photos.

    1. I think because it was also sunset the light so improved the rainbow. Thanks Diane


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