Thursday, November 17, 2016

17/11/2016 Not a good day for photos but there are few birds around.

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 8C.  49 km/h SW wind.  2 mm rain measured this morning.
Autumn colours in the garden...

The fire on in the house...

The robin on the window sill...

and tapping at the glass...

a closer look.

The Blue Tit is also visiting...

as above....

and the Great Tit.

Looking up at the velux window in the office!


  1. Fabulous photos, especially the robin.

    1. Thanks Linda, and it is very shy. I am lucky that if the reflection is right the birds cannot see through the window. Trouble is they often fly into it!! Take care and have a good week Diane

  2. You have such beautiful and delightful visitors, Diane! I always enjoy your posts, they are like a breath of fresh air, and your photos bring me such joy and a feeling of calm. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Linda the birds are a delight in winter, they keep their distance in summer when there is masses of food around. It is a pleasure to share :-) Keep well and have a great week Diane

  3. I like the idea of watching fall chill outside while sitting by the fire.

    1. Sitting by the fire was the best place to be yesterday. Damp again today and the fire on. Going to friends this evening so we could get wet!Keep well Diane


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