Friday, November 18, 2016

18/11/16 Looking back in the past!

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 7C.  65 km/h SW wind.  4 mm rain measured this morning.

It has been damp and murky all day and we off out to friends in just a moment,  here are a few pictures of life long before France.
January 22 1953 about to leave Batheaston and the UK for ever
David (my brother), Dulcie (my Mum), Diane and Don (my Dad).
I am the only one still alive from this family photo.

Feb 15 1953 arrival at Salisbury, Rhodesia, 7736 miles and 7½ weeks later.
Note the change of clothes!

I957 Kismet, myself and Dusky.  The latter was my first pony in Rhodesia and what a star he was.

My best ever horse  as I went into adult events 1960 - Kubla Khan.

Kubla Khan and myself with the beautiful scenery of Umtali in the background.

Our favourite car which we sadly sold when we left South Africa in 2002.

Hope you enjoyed taking a trip back in my life. I hope the weather will improve tomorrow but it does not look hopeful!! 


  1. Hi Diane, I absolutely love the old family photos! That is a nice car, and I love the photo of yourself and the horses! Here in Montreal it is very foggy, at least it has been this morning, and chilly, too. I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Linda, not really a diary day but it makes a change! Today we are a little brighter but everything is very wet outside. Have a good day Diane

  2. I LOVED these photos! What a wonderful story you have shared with us! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Donienne, I was at a loss as to to what to do as there was just nothing to take photos of!! Glad you liked them. Take care Diane

  3. Thank you for sharing part of your younger life. You are a great horse rider and you have won so many medals and trophies! And your favourite car is a beautiful car.

    1. That was a fabulous car Nancy, wish we could have brought it with us but we needed the money to buy a house which was so much more expensive than is South Africa :-( Glad you enjoyed the change in the diary. Keep well Diane

  4. Well-well, bad weather has you showing us some great pics from your past!
    Seing you horse rinding gives the blues, I used to ride al lot too when I was young but was not into jumping but dressage! Also, seing some pics from SA.... well it does make me want to go back!
    Enjoy your weekend Diane, warm hugs :)

    1. I think Noushka once South Africa is in your blood it just never goes away. Everyone I speak to who lived there always has the desire to return! The sun is peaking through a bit today so maybe it will brighten up a bit to improve the weekend. Enjoy the coming weekend and week ahead hugs Diane


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