Saturday, November 19, 2016

19/11/2016 Last nights drive and today in the garden.

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 4C.  61 km/h SW wind.  10 mm rain measured this morning.
Autumn colours yesterday evening...

and wind turbines.

The rose is still hanging on!

Calendula double.

The last of the lavender.

Calendula single.

Love in the Mist seed pod with a rosemary beetle.

Ginkgo biloba tree.

Mushrooms everywhere.

Christmas Cactus.


  1. What gorgeous colours, Diane! Here in Montreal we are supposed to get our first snow on Monday. I don't mind the snow, I prefer the snow to ice and frigid -30 temperatures. Thank you so much for brightening my day with your lovely photos.

    1. I guess I would prefer snow to ice but to me anything under 15C (62F) is cold!!!! We are lucky there is some colour still in the garden. Take care Diane

  2. You still are able to enjoy the remaining flowers in your garden. A pretty rosemary beetle. I had a baby Christmas cactus but it dried up and died.

    1. The problem with the pretty rosemary beetle is that it is a pest!!! Sad but there it is. Have a good week Diane

  3. How wonderful to still have some colorful blooms.

    1. It is surprisingly warm at the moment with lots of rain!! Guess the plants are enjoying it. Diane


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