Thursday, December 1, 2016

01/12/2016 Wow I can hardly believe it, December already! Out for a short walk while the sun shines.

Maximum temperature 13C,minimum 0C. 20km/h NE wind.  
A pair of horses who were not in the slightest bit interested in me!

Grapes still to be pruned.

Inquisitive cattle.

Winter wood pile, guess they think it is going to be cold!

Dandelion family I think.

Mossy Rose gall -  are the homes of a wasp named Diplolepis rosae

Red Admiral, not bad for December.

A bee and a fly on the ivy flower.

Just loved the colour of these trees.

Compost ready for spreading and winter wheat in the background.

Am I that interesting?
There must be at least 60 ewes in this field and all pregnant by the look of it.  Hard work for the single farmer who owns them when the time comes.


  1. Diane, your posts bring me such joy, if you only knew how much! All the beauty, and the cattle and sheep are precious! Not sure if you have ever seen this video or not, but I shared it on my blog a very long time ago. I think you will enjoy it. I found the cows quite attentive and appreciative. :)

    1. Linda I am glad you enjoy my posts so much it brings me pleasure to know it. Videos are a big problem for me with our slow connection, 95% of the time they do not work!!! I will try though. Have a good weekend Diane

    2. Hi Diane, so sorry, I forgot about that! The video is of a few older gentleman who are playing brass instruments...horns, etc., and a large herd of cows came over and lined up in front of them, about 30 feet away, and seemed to really enjoy the music. They were very attentive and sweet, a great and appreciative audience. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Think they were trying to stare me out :-)) Hope all is well, have a good weekend Diane xx

  3. Just had a lovely catch up, always enjoy photos of your life in France. xx

    1. Thanks Linda, it is good to have you back commenting. Have a great weekend Diane

  4. Guess that huge bale of hay looks more interesting than you, well at least if I was a horse. But the cows and sheep seem to like you. Sure hope it doesn't take that much wood to heat just one house. That red admiral is gorgeous and in good shape for this time of year. Thanks for taking us along on this country walk.

    1. The only reason the bale of hay was interesting was it was busy scratching its bum against it, not eating it!! I was amazed at the condition of the Red Admiral. I enjoyed sharing the walk but I have not done so much recently as I am nervous of my back, thankfully it seems to be doing OK after the treatment. Best wishes Diane


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