Saturday, December 3, 2016

03/12/2016 A few rushed photos of cars. Short on time today!

Maximum temperature 12C, minimum -2C. 25km/h SE wind.  Frost and ice this morning but no rain.
Shopping at Leclerc, the Christmas decorations are up....

and at the other end of the car park there was a car rally ready to leave,  I took quite a lot of photos but here are just a few.
Alfa Romeo Guilia Spyder.

Jaguar XJS, Porsche 996, Ferrari.

Porsche 914

Porsche Boxster.

Porsche GT3 RS....

Obviously used for racing as it has a roll-bar. 

Saab 96

All lined up; a Caterham on the far left...

and an unknown American car on the far right!


  1. Nice cars, Diane. My eyes turned especially to the green is my favourite colour. :)

    1. I have to agree Linda the green one is very attractive :-) Have a good week Diane

  2. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Things are moving rather slow over here. I would be so excited to see all those beautiful cars! I like the last photo and I guess the shadow showed you taking snapshots of the cars. Have a great weekend!

    1. Ha ha yes the shadow is me, you can see how low the sun is here at the moment. Keep well Diane

  3. And not just any cars... these are the real thing!!
    Do I hate this time of year... Xmas shopping is definitively not my cup of tea!
    I leave you gladly all the rushing around!!
    Keep well, Diane and enjoy your sunday :)

    1. There were some pretty good cars there Noushka and yes the real thing. Shopping is something we do not enjoy at this time of the year. Despite growing all our vegetables there is still some food shopping to be done. We generally go lunch time when the shop is fairly empty, but things did not work out that way yesterday. We do not buy Christmas presents as no family as such, so at least we do not have that problem! Have a good week Diane

  4. All those Porsches, you must felt in heaven. ;)

    1. Yes we were pretty happy that there were more Porsches than any other car there :-) Diane


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