Monday, April 17, 2017

17/04/2017 I went for a short walk, but the usual - too many photos!!! I will spilt them over a couple of days.

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 3C. 18 kmh NE wind.  Dry.
Broad-bordered Bee Hawk Moth (Hawk moth family).
Hemaris fuciformis. (Sphingidae).

The long and the short!

Now do you think he can see anything!

Silene vulgaris, the bladder campion or maidenstears.

Wild bluebells.

Cow Parsley and bug.

Dandelion clock.


Wild orchids.

Fancy front door,



Inquisitive lamb.

Donkey, as I walked way he went into full cry!!!


  1. There is so much to see when you go out for a walk! More importantly your camera is proof you take in the beautiful surroundings.


  2. Every single photo has brought me much joy today, Diane! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks Linda for another very kind comment, much appreciated. Take care Diane

  3. The hawk moth is amazing. Much like our hummingbird moth. You have such patience with the insects. Sure is a variance in horse sizes. Had to laugh at the thought of donkey braaing at you.

    1. Gaelyn I have never had any patience, just lucky we have a lot of activity generally in the garden and I just keep clicking. One photo has to be OK occasionally :-)
      The bee hawk moth is much the same as our humming bird hawk moths also but so much prettier in its green fluffy attire.

  4. Don't you just love the horses? I think they are so beautiful. Loving that door. I have been posting on FB different ways you can do your doors. Hoping folks would start doing something like that to theirs. I would do mine in a burst of color but I already have mine done with a saying on it.


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