Saturday, April 29, 2017

29/04/2017 A trip trip to the local market this morning and a few photos in the garden.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 1C. 14 kmh SE wind. Cloud and sun. Dry.
Our local Saturday morning market....

Fresh oysters on the right where I was heading.

Just out of town they are building a new factory, I hope it does not look too out of place...

Factory and storage for palettes.

Bee and look at that pollen sac...

as above on the Red robin.

Bumble bee on the sage.

Barn swallow (Hirundo rustica)

Robber fly on the Red robin.

Common lizard trying to catch a bit of sun.

The peonies are opening.

Just for the record - the top patch is now covered with turf from the new veggie garden so we (Nigel!)can get to work on the garden,


  1. So lovely to see the bees and flowers, Diane! And I love lizards, too. Fresh oysters...mmmm. The barn swallow is sweet and being fluent in French, I need no translation for your 4th photo. :)

    1. We love fresh oysters and it is difficult to avoid Saturday morning markets :-) I can get by reading French most of the time, but oh how I wish I could speak it. N is not fluent but he speaks pretty well and his grammar, so the French tell me, is pretty much perfect. The grammar is a mystery to me! I only started learning after I turned 60 and the brain cells are not what they used to be!! Have a good Sunday Diane

  2. All so wonderful to see, but i LOVED the bee photos most of all. :-) Well done with your photography!!!

    When you have time, could you stop by my blog, I asked a ?? in my reply to your comment. No rush.

    Have a wonderful week, G

    1. That bee was pretty amazing flying around with that heavy load. Hope you also have a good week Diane

  3. Like Linda above, I have no difficulty with French. Must be frustrating at times for you, knowing that you are unlikely to ever grasp the language.

    1. I imagine that in Canada you do French and English at school, I wish that I had of done French at school it may well have made a difference to me now. I get by, sort of, but get totally lost when the French talk 'normal' speed!!! I cannot though reply as I cannot think fast enough, writing is reasonable, but then I have time to think!! Diane

  4. Got to love those bees doing their thing. A factory? Sure hope the building fits in with your village.

    1. The bees are doing well when the weather is OK which not often at the moment!!
      Sure the factory will look like a factory, but at least it is out of town on the edge of the highway.
      Give my love to the North Rim. Diane


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