Tuesday, May 30, 2017

30/05/2017 A misty drive to the Physio for my back and a walk around the garden later

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 13C.  5 km/h N wind.  Yesterday's light rain did not measure at all!  Back to watering.
Misty drive but no rain as expected...

as above...

as above.

Our Azalea has at last come into flower.

Bee Beetle (Trichius family) ...

as above

Bee at work...

As above...

As above, but different bee, note the pollen sacs...

As above.

Finally a bumble bee.


  1. Oh I love photos of mist/fog/drangon's breath!!!!

    And your close up photos, are amazing.

    Hope the PT was helpful...

    1. Thanks Luna, I also love the mist, it is spooky :-)
      My back is a mess and 2 to 3 monthly visits are I hope keeping me out of having an op. The lady I go to lives 30 mins away and is the only person in France who uses Theraflex. She is brilliant, and used to work with the British Olympic team. We are lucky we live close by.
      Have a good day Diane

  2. I just love these photos, Diane! Amazing!

    1. Thanks Linda' hope all is well Diane

  3. Good luck with your back. Surgery is something none of us need.

    1. David it has been on-going since I broke it when I was 16, and with age, sadly it is not getting any better. My Physio remarked yesterday that I never cease to amaze her when she sees what the x-rays look like!! I try to look after it but...... Take care Diane

  4. Oh dear, Diane, first of all I hope your back will get better soon, it can be so very painful... gardening will have to wait.
    At least you enjoy lovely visitors on your flowers and by now, after several years of caring, your garden must be magnificent!
    We had heavy rains yesterday and this after we're expecting more.
    Keep well and take care of yourself :)

    1. On going problem Noushka that will never get better, but if I can stay out of hospital I will be happy. Gardening can never wait :-))
      We have just had a shower, but not enough, I think I will have to still water all the young plants.
      The bugs are good in the garden at the moment, and although I know it is eating the flowers, I love the little bee beetle.
      Have a good day, warm hugs Diane

  5. Seems anything we did to hurt ourselves in youth will bite us in the butt, or back, eventually. Nice to have found someone who can give you some relief. But not fun to drive through the fog, even if it does make for a pretty scene. Be well.

    1. So true Gaelyn,I new all my breaks would catch up with me eventually but my back is the biggest problem. Poor Nigel has an insect bite on his leg that has gone septic at the moment and he can hardly walk. Antibiotics and dressings twice a day. I suspect it has something to do with his slow circulation but the Dr did not mention that! Keep healthy and well Diane


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