Monday, June 19, 2017

19/06/2017 Yesterday's car rally at St Adjutory today as I am sitting inside next to the fan!

I have put far more photos on than usual as I did not want to spread out to another day, also I wanted to add the photos that interested the car lovers, as well the those who love the French countryside.
Enough said!!

Some of the Citroen 2CVs

A Citroen Light 15

London taxi.

Nash Metropolitan 1953 -1961

Peugeot 202 1938 - 1949

Driving through Feuillade..

and through farming country...

as above... following a Triumph Spitfire (modified) ...

We passed by the old chateau at Marthon...

and the  Mairie ...

At Rangogne - the church bell tower...

The church at Rouzede.  See the marshal on the left stopping the traffic so the rally could run smoothly.  These guys were amazing they were on motorbikes and rushed from cross road to cross road to see us all through...

The Mairie at Rouzede...

and through the narrow streets of St-Germain-de-Montbron...

At the mid-way refreshment stop...

I loved this little Simca 6, 2 door coupe  1947 - 1950

Note the differences between this 2CV...

and this one

Heading on to the end of the rally we passed Marillac-le-Franc...

Sunflowers looking very healthy...

and what I believe to be lentils with poppies in the foreground.

We all enjoyed a great lunch on our return to Saint Adjutory.


  1. Ooooh....I love vintage cars, Diane, and I enjoyed this entire series...the views, the cars and the lunch! Wow, you are also getting high heat and humidity there! We had such a day here in Montreal yesterday, when it reached 40 with the humidity. Thankfully, though, the temperatures are supposed to slowly drop, to more comfortable temps like in the 20's, which I absolutely love! I hope you have a great week ahead. :)

    1. It is not really that humid as it is quite windy, We have a few more hot days to go it seems, the garden is not happy! Glad you enjoyed both the cars and the drive. Have a great evening Diane

  2. What a fun day! My husband and I love looking at classic cars.

    1. Happy that you enjoyed this post, a bit different to the usual :-) Have a good week Diane

  3. Always great to see these beautiful classics, and the area is lovely! Thanks Diane, this was another very enjoyable post.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed this post, i am never sure when I put cars on who might be interested, seems like most people like old cars :-) Have a great day Diane

  4. What a wonderful and fun event. I love to see all those beautiful cars! You were enjoying the drive around with all the lovely countryside scenery and a great lunch together.

    1. It was a good day with friends, very enjoyable from start to finish. Thanks for the comment. Take care Diane

  5. I totally love old cars....but I love old trucks more! Looks like a great time. I think all your buildings are so cool looking.

    1. Ha ha we don't do trucks much here but old cars yes. So many historic buildings everywhere you go in France. Hope you are well Diane

  6. Wow! Summer came on fast and furious. Here too it is already in the high 80sF. That London taxi looks big enough to live in. Or at least park the Nash. ;) Where you part of the rally?

    1. It really is hot and the garden is wilting!!! We were with friends at the rally, so we join in with them at many car things these days. We missed the car events that we were always at in South Africa. Hope you are feeling better Diane


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