Tuesday, June 20, 2017

20/06/2017 A few odd photos from around the garden, too hot still to do very much outside during the day.

A bit cooler than yesterday!  

Pale Californian poppy with bug.

 Californian poppy with what I think is the female of Oedemera noblis, the male was on the blog a few days back. Not sure what the disappearing backside is, or the one bombing out above the flower.


Le Gendarme beetle (Pyrrhocoris apterus).

Great tit taking a drink.  The water is evaporating as fast as I can fill the dishes!

Ladybird pupa.

The lawn is already starting to go brown with the heat.

Lunch on the veranda, I actually took this a few days back and never put it on the blog for some reason. Too hot at the moment to eat outside.


  1. You are right. Temperatures in the thirties are far too high.

    1. David it is fine in the house, thick stone walls are amazing in hot weather but it is too hot to do anything outside! Diane

  2. A lovely series Diane, enjoy them all but particularly the macros of the bugs and pretty flowers. Our relatives in Arizona will have to deal with 46C tomorrow. It has been over 48C in Denver recently. It has been 32C here lately, not as hot as your area. A lovely veranda to enjoy, hope it cools down for you soon.

    1. Over 40 is really un-comfy. We have friends in Mesquite and they are suffering as well at the moment with temperatures around 47C, we are heading for 36 today and 37 tomorrow! I will not be taking many photos! Take care Diane

  3. As always, lovely flower and insect shots. Bummer it is now too hot to enjoy the outside. Has been rather warm here too.

    1. Many thanks Gaelyn, thankfully it has cooled down and we expect to have some rain next week which will hopefully cheer the garden up a bit. Take care Diane


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