Wednesday, July 19, 2017

19/07/2017 A few quick photos from the garden and the promised photos of the cars on Sunday last

Maximum temperature 28C, minimum 16C.   11 km/h NW winds with 16 km/h gusts.  A light shower that has not hardly wet the rain gauge.
Stargazer Lilies

Common Wall Lizard - (Podarcis muralis).

Love is in the air - Graphosoma lineatum.

Two Citroen 2CVs,  MGB and an  Austin-Healey Sprite with another 2CV. 

The 2CV above returning from the rally.

Porsche 996 and an Alpine-Renault A310

An immaculate Chevrolet Corvette

Somebody owns a very old race car - it looks a little different to the F1 cars of today's car racing!

Porsche 911carrera.

Panhard Dyna convertible .....

and returning from the rally with the top down


Two Porsche 996s back to back.


Renault Alpine and I think the one behind is also a different model Alpine but someone may correct me on this.

Austin-Healey Sprite, MGB, Opel, Austin-Healey Sprite
No apologies for the number of Porsches, we are Porsche fans!!!


  1. Gorrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous old cars!!!!!!! My husband would "drool"!!!! ,-)

    The immaculate Chevrolet Corvette, looks the most "drool-worthy" to me.

    One of our sons, has an old Mustang red convertible. :-))))

    And my husband has a 1930 Chevrolet Coupe with a rumble seat. The same model, as my mother had, when I was growing up, "Back at the beginning of time."

    Plus his 1950 5 window Chevy Truck.

    Yes, this is an old car loving family.

    Luna Crone

    1. We also love old cars and in South Africa we had several from time to time. We lived in the perfect climate there with no rust and the cars lasted for ever. We have no old ones now as they need a better climate than we have here, or at least somewhere where they can be garaged in a good environment. We just enjoy now joining friends who have old cars instead. Glad you enjoyed this post. Keep well Diane

  2. I love these old cars. They are gorgeous treasures. Love the stargazer lilies, so beautiful!

    1. Nancy the Stargazers are amazing, it is a pity they only flower for such a short time. Have a good day Diane

  3. I absolutely love the old cars, Diane, and your nature photos are always gorgeous, fascinating and amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Linda I agree the old cars are very special. Hope that all is well and that you are having a good week. Diane

  4. Hallo! Thanks for you comment, now I am here. I love the amazing flower and the insects. But Ralph love the cars :-)

    1. Thanks Aritha, our garden always seems to have surplus insects :-) Ha Ralph, cars of course, boys will be boys :-) Have a good weekend Diane

  5. Outstanding photos Diane and how I love those old cars. I was looking forward to these. As long as they run I would love an old car, the older the better. There are some real beauties here.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post Denise. We had a number of old cars while in South Africa, we love them, but they are not cheap to keep well renovated!! Hope you have a good weekend Diane

  6. Your photos are excellent, Diane. That little striped (bug), I've never seen on here! :)

    Love old cars too; there are some beauties you've captured!


    1. I am amazed how many people actually love old cars, thought we were low in numbers :-)) We have a number of those striped bugs around this year, they must be breeding well!! Hope you feel 100% better very soon Diane

  7. I like the really old race car. Sure are a lot of these beauties around.


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