Wednesday, December 13, 2017

13/12/2017 Dismal, dark and grey with rain.

Maximum temperature 5C,  Minimum 3C,  Raining, dark and damp!
Shopping in Devizes this morning...

as above...

The Pound shop, some very interesting items for only a £.

Sainsbury's supermarket.

Christmas tree at the old age home close to my FIL's house...

We stopped by for lunch there today, it was very reasonable and yummy.  Lamb's liver and bacon.

Loved this Father Christmas dressed in white and gold.

Last, but certainly not least, is this poodle who goes by the name of Essi, wearing a blanket saying please do not distract me. A service dog or assistance dog helping the disabled.

Loving having your comments but I will only get back to replying when we get home 😊


  1. Love the black and whites especially, Diane.

  2. The Star of David on the Christmas tree is unusual I would think, but highly appropriate.

  3. A poodle service dog is my favorite. I had a miniature poodle who was toy size. I knew a breeder who said he had a toy weight but was too tall to be a true toy. And I loved that dog. I've owned a lot of fine dogs but he has always been my favorite.

    Although I live in a warmer climate, it is a bit dismal here. Our winter is about 6 weeks. However the weeks are not consecutive. The low point is always around New Years, then a few wildflowers start their blooming to start the year long succession of blooms. I always promise myself to keep a good record of what's blooming. Maybe this is the year.

    Cheers, Ann

  4. Father Christmas is lovely. The care dog is a cutie but should never be approached.

  5. I like the Father Christmas and the cute service dog. Our days here are a mixture of rain, dark, cloudy with some sunshine!

  6. Good morning. Your Father Christmas is nice, he has gold on him and mone is all white. Don't you just love them? Have a great day.

  7. Yes, Father Christmas, how lovely. And, the tree is pretty!

  8. We have Dollar Tree stores where everything is just one dollar!! Poundland made me chuckle!

    Happy holiday!

  9. Brrrr! It does look chilly over there. Your Christmas tree looks lovely as does your lunch look yummy. :-)

  10. Oh that does look a wee bit gloomy, still lovely though. I heard we are going to have some rain this weekend, I'll believe it when I see it 😀 Your FIL sounds marvelous for his age Diane. Bon weekend xx

  11. A 'Pound Shop'! Must be like our 'Dollar stores'. ,-)

    Lamb's Liver and bacon. Here we have Calf's Liver, with bacon and sauteed onions. Which when cooked by my husband, is delicious. I fear that lots of people, here... Have had a bad experience with tough Liver... And so many people do NOT like the sound of this meal. :-)

    Sorry your weather is so unkind. But perhaps there are spots of warmth, to be had, while shopping...? I hope.

    Happy coming Yuletide!

    Luna Crone

  12. Glad you are still getting out and about despite the weather. Getting warmer in Durban but not hot yet, still plenty of rain about, the same dismal thick drizzle all day like you have been experiencing. Take care, Kim xx


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