Thursday, December 21, 2017

21/12/2017 More photos around Devizes.

Maximum temperature 11C,  Minimum 9C.  Thankfully much warmer but not warm enough for me!
Yesterday at FIL's pensioners luncheon.  He looks pretty good for 96.

It was a misty walk to the lunch...

As above...

Even the swans and ducks were in the mist!

Today the mist had lifted. Church of St James - another grade II listed building.
A chapel  may have been built in the late C14 or early C15 (it was certainly in existence by 1461).  It developed parochial status by the 16th century, and the dedication to St James was recorded in 1505.

As above.

Father Christmas water skiing!

Sorry about the reflections in the window but just liked this cat watching the world go by😉

Loving having your comments but I will only get back to replying when we get home in January 😊


  1. The misty photos are my favourite.

    FIL looks marvelous!

  2. Hi Diane!
    Many thanks for your latest comment, gee what an honour!!
    I too am thrilled to have "met" you through the net, and truly wish we'll meet some day!
    Lovely photos here and although in the mist, I think it gives them a the pre-Xmas atmosphere!
    The swan and the cat are my favourite but that first picture is wonderful :)
    Very grey here too, the type of weather that brings nothing interesting, no water to the dams, no light for photos... Grrr!
    I sincerely wish you a joyful time for Xmas and the New Year and may 2018 keep you in good health :)
    All the best and enjoy the weekend ahead!

  3. I cannot tell which is your father-in-law in the first picture. No one looks old at all. Belated happy birthday to him. The old church is gorgeous. I love the old architecture.

  4. He looks very good at ninety-six. His daughter-in-law doesn't look so bad either!

  5. I'd say wonderful for 96.😊

    The kitty pic is my favorite.🐱

    Hugs and Happy Holidays!🎀🎀

  6. That's a fun display of Santa with a boat on the water.

  7. haha....LOVE the Santa on the boat! Kitty looking through the cute.

  8. Your father in law looks young at 96! Is that you beside him? You look very young and great looking too! I like the Santa Claus skiing on the water. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Looks a little cold!
    Merry Christmas!!

  10. Beautiful photos and I love the cat! Merry Christmas, Diane.

  11. Beautiful photos. I'm okay with the temperatures. They would be considered on the average or warmer side over the winter where I live :-)


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