Monday, December 25, 2017

25/12/2017 Happy Christmas and one of my all time most interesting photos.

Minimum 8C, Maximum 11C.  As I type this we are having very heavy rain and strong winds.
Looking across the hills of Wiltshire driving to lunch...

As above...

As above.

Waggon and Horses.

Interesting info about the pub.


As above

FIL, Leonard (96) and Nigel

and FIL with myself.

A chattering or murmuration of Starlings
Driving home I got what I think was my most interesting shot of the day. Literally a drive by shot out of the side window of the car. I have never seen so many starlings and consider myself very lucky to have got the camera ready in seconds.

Loving having your comments but I will only get back to replying when we get home in January ūüėä


  1. You are so pretty, Diane. I love the starlings photo. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  2. Quite a capture! Great shot! The countryside resembles PEI.

  3. I have seen many large aggregations of birds and have always marvelled at the spectacle, but I have never seen one of these murmurations of starlings. I am sure it exceeds all other such movements and I have no doubt that I would have been mesmerized.

  4. Wow! That is an impressive photo! I've never seen so many birds at the same time. I bet the sound was interesting.

  5. The Pub looks like a cozy home. That shot you captured of the Starlings is amazing!

  6. An amazing photo and an amazing FIL

  7. Don't you just love watching the birds. I love how they will be flying along and all turn at the same time, land at the same time and take off at the same. Wondering how they get all that back to the end of the line! Do you know why birds all sit on the power line facing the same direction? They face the breeze, this way the wind is not coming up and russelling their feathers! Nice pics...looks like a great time.

  8. What an amazing shot, Diane. Your FIL is amazing at that great age! Happy Christmas to you

  9. So many starlings! An amazing sight to behold.

  10. Beautiful shots of you, FIL and Nigel! I love the look of the pub both exterior and interior. You have got an amazing shot of the starlings! Have a happy day!

  11. I must admit I though that the general feel of the landscape here was familiar - not that far from my old 'home ground'. Nice.

    Cheers (and hope you had a good Christmas) - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. I absolutely love the outside and inside of the restaurant. It was lovely to see your FIL. I must say he certainly has aged exceptionally well. That's wonderful.


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