Wednesday, December 27, 2017

27/12/2017 Last day in Devizes, heading home over 3 days tomorrow. Stopping at Arras and Auxerre en route.

Minimum 6C, Maximum 0C.  We had snow and ice this morning but it has mostly cleared this evening.
Snow and ice this morning, but it quite soon cleared after causing lots of havoc all over the country.

The Three Crowns in Devizes for lunch today...

as above,,,

The wall inside.

It is a Wadworth's pub, and yes both Nigel and I had a 6X.

FIL and I had ham egg and chips - excellent....

Nigel had a beef burger.

The old army barracks - now flats.

 The former toll-house at the top of Dunkirk hill .

Loving having your comments but I will only get back to replying when we get home in January ūüėä


  1. It is good the snow didn’t last. The food looks great as usual, Diane.

  2. Our temperatures are above 0 degrees Fahrenheit today... barely. I love the old toll house. I wonder if anyone lives there.

  3. That ham, egg and chips doesn't look too bad. Must have been egg day for all of us. For dinner last night we had an omelette with onion, mushrooms, artichokes and cheese - with a Cesar salad to go with it. Pretty damn good! Tonight I am making a good old-fashioned chicken stew with dumplings.

  4. Brrrr!!! It's a lovely 32 degrees celsius over here! That sure is a hearty meal. Reminds me of home.

  5. I do hope there's no more snow for your travels. So the roasted tomato as a side is a Brit thing? I learned to love them in SA. Safe journey.

  6. I love seeing you country through your eyes. And now I am hungry! That looks amazing.

  7. Greeatings from me and Ralph. He is saying: "Thank you (for the nice postcard).

  8. Hello dear Diane,
    Nice and fun pics in this post!
    The photo of the flight of starlings in the previous one is truly amazing!
    I sincerely wish you a great new year to both of you and especially the best of health!
    Keep well, warm hugs :)))

  9. Catching up on blog reading! What fabulous photos of the UK! Maybe someday I’ll visit! Your FIL looks fabulous! So glad he is enjoying good health now!

    A very Happy New year to you! Safe travels!

  10. The food looks delicious. I'm sure your father in law will be sad to see you leave but I'm so glad you had a chance to visit with him over the holiday. Safe journey home and have a very Happy New Year in 2018!

  11. I was sick on the tour when my colleagues visited Auxerrre, always regretted it.


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