Tuesday, December 8, 2015

08/12/2015 Christmas decorations

Maximum Temperature 15C, minimum 7C.  43 km/h SE wind gusts. A light shower of rain. 
In our local town, the down pipes and lamps each have a small tree (branch) attached to them.  There must be hundreds of them.

Our local supermarket....

Last time I saw this work a young lady was busy with a spray gun....

I am amazed at what she has produced....

Very clever, though I presume some of the smaller works she must have used a brush....

it was though not apparent while I was watching.

Our local narrow roads.
The church at our local village.  Eglise St Maixent: which dates from the 12th and 13th century.

The old bridge in the same village.

French scrabble this afternoon.

Scrabble  and Belote, busy day today.

Yummy tea time, chocolate crepes with a choice of hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

Please see Here for my Christmas message 


  1. What a talented young lady. The supermarket window is amazing.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for the one on My Life in the Charente. I will try to keep up the daily photo when I can but without my computer I struggle! Also comments will be few. Have a great Christmas. Diane

  2. I love the idea, of the branch on all of the down pipes. Store window decorating is a lost Art, here at home. When I was in High School, I wanted to be a window decorator...hehe. Have a Wonderful Holiday & Merry Christmas....hugs, Susie

    1. Thanks Susie, yes the branches are a great idea but quite a lot of work tying them all up! I have friend who does chalk art on blackboards, she is brilliant. Enjoy the holidays and all the best for 2016. I will be putting up the odd photo while we are away but working on the nexus is not so easy!! Diane

  3. Good idea with the tree branches, very creative! I love the old bridge in your local village too.

    1. There are many of these old bridges around and most of them still seem to be in use. They built things well in the old days despite never expecting the weight they carry nowadays!! Diane


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