Sunday, June 5, 2016

05/06/2016 Old car Rally at St Adjutory.

 Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 11C.   13 km/h NE winds. Dry.

We joined friends today out on a car rally.  It was good to be out in some decent weather for a change!  I took (as always), too many photos, but here are some of what I think are the better ones. I have put links to the rarer models  if you are interested.
72 cars started the rally, but there seemed to be a few more at the end!


Part of the extensive entry

A bit chaotic driving through Cherves Chatelars as there were a lot of people attending a local Bric-a-Brac!

En route to Roumazieres being followed by a Citroen Light 15

2 CVs at the halfway point

Flower power

Peugeot 202

Teilhol Tangara. based on a Renault 4 chassis

Returning to St Adjutory.

At the end this 2 CV and trailer appeared.

Tilbury SMS rare French designed and made car

If you know us well you will also know this is our favourite , we are huge Porsche fans.

Not to be outdone, we met up with a cart (caleche) and two horses.


  1. What a fun outing under dry skies. Love the 2 CV with trailer but my favorite is the Tilbury SMS.

    1. It was a fabulous day, the Tilbury was new to us, at first we thought it was a Morgan, but on closer inspection we realised we had it wrong! See you soon Diane

  2. My husband was straight off to learn more about the Tilbury....and the little caravans are increasingly popular but expensive.

    1. The Tilbury was new to us as well Anne, interesting! The little caravan would not be any use to us, I have 6'4" husband! Hope all is well Diane


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