Thursday, August 4, 2016

04/08/2016 Nigel enjoys an Indian Cookery Course.

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 13C.  24 km/h NE wind. Some welcome rain not measured yet.
Fish Sauce...

with the fish and extras added.

Spinach and tomatoes, with lots of spices

Both dishes ready for serving.

Onions with rice and spices.

Onions with spices and lentils.

Goats Cheese and peas samosa - again with lots of spices

Samosa served with salad leaves.
I am now looking forward to trying some of these dishes while Nigel puts them into practise :-)

Meanwhile back home I had the workmen in, lucky I was here as we were expecting them tomorrow...

The last window in the house to be double glazed.  This was not done two years ago when the others were all done as I did not want the wall paper destroyed.  The wall is now being re done due to a couple of damp problems.

For those who may be interested; the first couple of days of our holiday have been posted HERE


  1. Makes me hungry looking at all this great food!

  2. The same with me too! All these food gives me a great appetite!

    1. We love spicy food so I hope to try some at home!

  3. OK, so next visit I'm letting Nigel do the cooking.

    1. LOL. I think if we manage another long trip it will be more than likely RSA, we need to meet Joan. The problem is we are in the UK every Christmas in the cold and we need to go in the opposite direction! D


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