Thursday, June 10, 2021

10/06/2021 A day I always remember - my Mums birthday.

   The maximum temperature here today 27⁰C, minimum 14⁰C. Very dry after too much rain!!   Wind  8km/h  North Easterly winds with gusts up to 18 km/h.    No sign of any rain for the next week and temperatures over 30C !!

Apologies for the lack of blogs. but the garden and home between them have been pretty demanding.  I have taken plenty of photos, and lots of flowers and bugs all of which will wait until I have more time.  For today I want to celebrate with you all having a meal out at the end of last month, the first in 15 months!  Wow, it was like being let out of school it was so exciting!

I apologise for more photos than normal but I am the one who has the most problems I think with a very slow WiFi.

Mum 10/06/1915 - 17/06/2002.

Driving through La Rochefoucauld.

The Tardoire river with its 15th-century bridge.  

La Rochefoucauld Chateau, If you want to take a look inside the chateau see my blog HERE

The old convent, 1059.

Not sure where the stairs go to but the door to the cloisters is on the right.

The cloisters...

As above...

As above...

The convent church, which I believe is now a day hospital.

The main street

Inside the jewellers.  Nigel had to have his wedding ring cut off as his finger was swollen from a combination of arthritis and pressure from the ring. He is due to go back there tomorrow to have the ring resized now the swelling has gone down.

Just a door!

The sign to the cinema which of course has not been open for over a year now.

The local well.

One of the old houses.

A panorama of the bridge over the Tardoire, the chateau and the restaurant.

A closer shot of the restaurant which is newly opened.  They have been restoring the old building for some time.

Self-explanatory, you can always take a look at their website.

On guard near the entrance.


A view from the table peeking out from under the sun brolly.

We were early, so I managed a shot from our table with the bridge in the background.  It soon filled up, though they had limited numbers allowed.

The starter was a pork dish and really this is only a small pot!!

Rose wine.

We both had a chicken dish for the main course, but in the excitement of eating out I forgot a photo!


My dessert - Rum baba - I blew the diet 😉


Much more sensible he had triple ice cream.

Take care everybody, keep well and stay safe.
My local list of wildflowers. (90 Species 23/04/2021).

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  1. I was enjoying the pictures but wondering where the food pictures were. I should have known you wouldn't let me down. The Rum baba looks delicious.

    1. Haha, I nearly did let you down. It was like a whole ne world being out for a meal. Hope all is well with you. Diane

  2. You are both looking good. Nice treat to eat out again.

    1. Thanks Gaelyn, it was wonderful not to have to cook for myself. In fact we are going there again today and meeting some friends. How good it will be to talk to someone other than each other! A very special place next to the chateau. Keep well and take care. Hugs from both of us, Diane and Nigel

  3. Hi Diane - Looks amazing and I guessed you'd been ultra busy with the garden and produce. You both look amazing ... the gardening and housework! are obviously very good for you - better practice some myself here! Stunning shots of the surrounding area - it is just lovely to see some French villagescapes and landscapes ...
    I hope you were able to purchase something pretty in that shop ... and now Nigel's ring is back on his hand. Stay safe and enjoy the summer as it progresses. Cheers - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, actually the ring is not yet back on his hand, it will only be ready on the 26th which he is finding quite frustrating. My engagement ring only went in for a check and a clean and they are 'sitting' on that as well until the 26th. I guess with all the delays and closures the jeweller is ultra busy as he does all the work himself.
      The garden is very demanding, at first it was all the weeds due to the mass of rain, now it is too dry and trying to keep everything alive. The blackbird youngsters also decided to go into the greenhouse to look for worms and dug most of my seedlings out!! Dear little things!!

      Keep safe. Have a great weekend, Diane

  4. That would appear to be a fabulous place to have a meal after such a long forced abstinence, Diane. The trick now will be to keep the momentum going and not leave it too long until the next one!

    The saga of Nigel's wedding ring sounds as if it was a quite painful experience for him. I hope that it doesn't have to be repeated.

    That's a wonderful photo of your mother - her face seems to radiate both beauty and kindness. However, I can't help but ponder over the caption to the photo!

    Take good care, both of you, but do try to make the most of oportunities that come your way. Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Richard the caption has been corrected, sorry about that. I always read my blogs through a couple of times but I should get Nigel to read them as well, he misses nothing! As for the restaurant, we in fact went there again today and met friends there, wow how good to socialise, I had forgotten how good it is to talk to someone other than your other half!!

      As for the ring it should have come off some time ago but the jewellers was closed because of Brexit. By the time they had opened, the finger was really very swollen and after cutting it off, it was blue with bruising and the guy was really careful. Hopefully when the resizing is finally done and we can collect it on the 26th it will side on over what is now a 'normal' swollen knuckle. Both Nigel's parents had, and have, bad arthritic hands and he seems to have the same problem with peripheral neuropathy added to it. His Dad has just had his 100th birthday!

      Take care and keep safe. I am not sure I have total faith in the vaccines so we carry on being careful. Very best wishes to you both, Diane

  5. The first date on the picture of your very beautiful mother is a hundred years off, Diane. I am sure it is wonderful to have a mother you can remember fondly. And, it is wonderful, of course to be able to get out again and dine in the manner to which you had become firmly accustomed. Let's all hope that freedom keeps on being restored, one step after another. Patio service at restaurants resumes here today, but having been in and out of lockdown three times, I think we are all a little skeptical of another wave setting us back again. Let's hope not! You don't look a day over fifty by the way!

    1. Thanks David, sorted, not sure how I managed that. On the other hand the computer often has a mind of its own but I think here it was me to blame. Haha, they say the camera does not lie, maybe if you look closer you will see the wrinkles (1943) Where did all those years go to??? Mind you I cannot complain, my parents made sure there was lots of excitement in my life. I wonder who else had parents that drove from the UK to Rhodesia so soon after the war with two young children to a totally new life style?

      Keep safe, and I have to admit, although we have both had 2 vaccinations we are still being very careful. Diane

  6. How lovely to see you both. It’s been a long time.

    It must have been wonderful to be out and about, eating in such a lovely location. It certainly doesn’t look crowded there.

  7. Thanks for allowing us to tag along. That's the way I travel on my budget, LOL.
    Beautiful photos . . . pretty Mom, too :)

  8. Looks like a wonderful outing. Both you and Nigel are looking good. Rum Baba and ice creams sounds great. Stay safe and healthy.

  9. What a beautiful photo of your mum. She was a stunner. Must be so nice to be out and eating outdoors! We're in lockdown until the end of June at least.


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