Monday, February 22, 2016

22/02/2016 Managed to get out for a walk today.

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 5C.  32 km/h W wind.  Light drizzle that did not register.
All photos taken with the little Samsung L201
Wild violets


A bubbling spring.

Manure waiting to be spread on the land.



Trout dam, privately owned.

Chewing the cud.

Dandelion and Green Bottle.

Still lots of water around.

 A peaceful road.

but beware and wear bright colours.  Hunting allowed and the season generally runs from  the end of August to the end of February.

A typical French farm.

Hay bales.

So French; a 2CV hidden away.



  1. Love seeing all these rural scenes.

    1. I am sure it gives you some idea of the differences between here and NSW. Keep well Diane

  2. I love your photos, makes me want to escape to the land right now! :)

    1. Thanks so much Pamela for the kind comment and for the visit. We are lucky I can get this sort of view from any walk I do around here long or short. Have a good day Diane

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Doniene we have a great place around us to walk or cycle. Hope you are well Diane

  4. Haha, I love the 2CV, that's the car I learned to drive with in my teens... A long-long time ago!
    Trouts in a dam?
    I am surprised, unless "a river runs through", these fish wont survive in still waters!!
    I've had violets all winter here, I bet you too!
    Keep well Diane, and many thanks for your ever so kind comments :)

    1. Noushka there are rivers and springs all over in this area and they seem to be running all the time. I know it has trout as they used to have an annual trout fishing competition there. It was owned by our last mayor who sadly passed away with cancer and so the fishing competition has come to an end. It not only had ordinary trout in the water but golden trout as well. I gather that the latter was better tasting than the ordinary trout, they must be good as I love trout anyway. Keep well, hugs Diane

    2. Thanks for your reply, Diane.
      Well naturally, if there are rivers and springs it explains it!
      Yes trout can be delicious.
      Sorry for your mayor.
      Keep well, enjoy your day :)

  5. Pastoral and delightful. I was in France a couple of years ago and there is a kind of timeless bucolic quality to the French countryside.

    1. We say it is like living 50 years ago in the country. Things have not changed much over the years. We love it. Diane


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