Tuesday, February 23, 2016

23/02/2016 Another wet day. A couple of photos thanks to Nigel from the local town; the remainder are ones I have taken through the window! A new species to our garden!

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 7C.  51 km/h W winds.  5 mm rain measured this morning and still raining!
Lidl all ready for the grand new  opening tomorrow in our local town.

As above.

Wonder what he is up to at the top of the crane?

New to my blog - Eurasian Sisken - a lone female.

As above.

As above


As above - back view.

Goldfinches, greenfinch at the back and sparrow in flight.

Great Tit.

Chaffinch male.

Chaffinch female.

House Sparrow, male.

Sparrow, female. 

Greenfinch, male.

Kalanchoe in the house coming into flower.


  1. The sisken is quite striking with its markings.

    1. Yes she is, but the male (as with most birds!) is more striking than she is. Pity the photos were taken through glass as with all the rain it the windows are not very clean!!! Diane

  2. I guess we could call these sidewalk birds!

    1. We are lucky to have them so close that on rainy day I can generally still get photos :-) Diane

  3. Agree. Love the colours of the siskin, especially in the first photograph.

    1. Thanks Gaynor, I was surprised to see it yesterday especially alone as they are generally in flocks. Hope all is well Diane


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