Tuesday, April 12, 2016

12/04/2016 A circular walk ending up at French scrabble.

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 6C,  37 km/h SW winds.  4mm rain measured this morning.
Lupins as far as the eye can see...

A close up of the flower.

4 youngsters and an adult watching me.


Our house is one of the distant roofs here.

Blossom on the left and another hamlet on the right.

Wild bluebells.

If you go down in the woods today....

More blossom.

Our local picnic spot.

French scrabble and belote.

Walking home I saw these tulips by the side of a wall.


  1. I assume that when you play Scrabble you ignore the accents.

    1. You assume right David. Wow, can you imagine how many tiles we would have to play with with we had all the letters with their various accents!!! Diane

  2. I can see that you live in a beautiful country with all the lovely flowers and nature surrounding you. I love to play scrabble too. If only I can plant those beautiful tulips in my garden.

    1. Sure tulips would grow there Nancy, we had them in South Africa as well. France is beautiful to me in every aspect, with a lovely country and masses of history in every village. Diane

  3. Did you see the teddy bears having a lovely time in the woods? The spring colours are lovely but 6° still sounds awful cold to me. You live in a pretty place.

    1. LOL no they were all in hiding, as you can see above I even checked the picnic spot :-) Diane anything under 20C to me is cold but I get warm walking if the sun is shining and I agree it is very pretty around here. T'other Diane


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