Wednesday, April 13, 2016

13/04/2016 Around the garden and four photos from yesterday's walk.

Maximum temperature 15C,  minimum 6C.  38 km/h SW winds. 3mm rain measured this morning.  
Blackbird female...  I missed her in the bath!

As above.

Blackbird male.

As above with a youngster. A few seconds later I missed the youngster being fed :-(

The blue bells are magnificent at present, sadly they do not last for long.

Greenfinch, male and female.

Red robin shrub.


Wild violets are everywhere.

Carpenter bee on the broad beans...

as above.

Letter box seen out walking yesterday. There seem to be a few of this style around!


Tree covered in ivy.

The local junior school.


  1. Here ,we never seen blackbird 😢soo baadd, but I have placed water pot in my gallery so that every morning I can enjoy legions and sparrows ,someti!es parrots as well.😀

    1. You are lucky to see parrots, not something that exists here. What are legions? Pigeons maybe with a finger slip! Have a good day Diane

  2. I enjoy bird watching, too bad I do not have a good camera. Your birds images are great. Beautiful flowers. Love the carpenter bee enjoying the nectar. Have a great day!

    1. I agree that birds and insects are much easier with a good camera and lens. I use my Nikon mostly for that. Out walking though, or driving in the car, I use only the little Samsung point and take and it does pretty well. Nothing wrong though with your photos you are good at close ups especially food. Enjoy your day Diane


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