Monday, August 1, 2016

01/08/2016 A country drive and our first lunch enjoying the new tiling on the patio. We took a day off!!

Maximum temperature 27C, minimum 11C.  17 kph NE winds.   Dry.  
Sunflower, bees and an ant.....

They are everywhere at the moment...

A sea of yellow on both sides of the road.

Maize under irrigation.

More maize.

Make hay while the sun shines...

More bales with my pet hate of turbines in the background.

Hay stack.....

They do not look like they used to!

Derelict buildings on the outskirts of this town. 

Cheers, we made time to have lunch in comfort today!


  1. I too dislike wind turbines but I am always torn between my desire for clean energy and the proliferation of these ugly monsters.

  2. The haystack is a very familiar site for me.
    I have to ask - why do you hate wind turbines? There is mixed feelings about them here in Australia. I reckon they have to be so much better than our reliance on coal as our main source of energy.

  3. Haystacks still look like Monet's here in Bangladesh. They look lovely in the afternoon light.

  4. The sunflowers make me feel happy. Beautiful summer scenes. When you see the turbines just think about how much better they are for the world than burning coal, which they are doing too much of in our country.

  5. You lived in a beautiful country. Beautiful summer with beautiful sunflowers.

  6. The fields of sunflowers are cheerful and remind me of the Free State. I dislike the wind turbines also. Patio looks like a lovely place to dine.

    1. The sunflowers always remind me of RSA :-) I need those memories!


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