Tuesday, May 2, 2017

02/05/2017 Dark, grey and dismal but we had to go to the tax office this morning so here are some photos taken from the car. French scrabble this afternoon.

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 7C. 17 kmh NW wind. Cloud, rain, and a little sun.  9 mm of rain measured this morning.
Roumazieres where the taxman is, but not in this building.

Roumazieres - Ghost sign - Brillantine Forvil which was apparently a very popular hair oil!!

Resting in the lay-by.

Watch out for the speed camera.

Across the fields.

Fairly busy traffic on the N141.

Chasseneuil main road with Crédit Agricole Bank on the right

further down the road.

On our way back home, a new shop which looks like a dress shop has just opened on the left.

The new police station.  The only vehicle there is the yellow van of 'la poste', obviously not very busy.

Back home.


  1. Diane, I enjoyed seeing all the views and buildings on your journey!

    1. At least the camera was back in use today!!! Hope all is well and the weather has settled Diane

  2. Thanks for taking me along on your trip! Loved the views and I love the color of the shutters on your home.

    1. Thanks green is not such a common colour here but we love them as well. Keep well Diane

  3. Looks like a nice drive even with a bit of traffic. Except for the the destination of tax man. I love your home.

    1. In fact the destination turned out to be OK, they said they owed us money!!!!! We will believe it when we see it. Diane


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