Wednesday, May 3, 2017

03/05/2017 Went to town for a haircut, but although I had the camera I took no photos, so back to the garden again.

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 6C. 8 kmh NW wind. Cloud and a little sun.  1 mm of rain measured this morning.
Bee on the red robin shrub.

Unknown and very small.

Bearded Iris

Rose bud.

Bearded Iris.


Small copper...

As above...

As above.

Chafer beetle.

As above.

Robber fly.

Green bottle.

Broad beans and Swiss chard.


  1. Diane, I never tire of your post and gorgeous photos! And you know the names of all the insects, too! Beautiful colours and patterns on the beetle. And the broad beans and Swiss chard look delicious and fresh!

    1. Thanks Linda, I am getting to know certain insects but there is s o many that I do not know. The fresh veggies are very yummy. Keep well Diane

  2. Hello Dear Diane! Oh my the days fly by and I don't seem to find/make time for blogging! I know you have commented faithfully and asked several questions. My apologies for not getting back to you! I so enjoy your photos and never tire of the beautiful fauna and flora you share from your garden!

    The field peas- not sure why they were planted!? The field has matured so am anxiously awaiting to see if it is harvested it merely plowed back in to benefit the soil. I don't this particular farmer well, so have not inquired about the crop!

    Our daughter has gone back to work part time, so I keep the girls two days a week! We have so much fun! I'm thankful to be able to be part of their lives!

    What part of the prickly pear do you eat? I make jelly from the "apples" when they are good and purple later in the year. What I found interesting about this bloom, is that it occurred on a leaf that was not connected to a mother plant! We had cleared some pasture and when I walked across I found this drying leaf with the pretty blossom!

    Thank you again for being a faithful follower! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much Doniene for answering all the questions. I imagine that we both eat what you call the apples. It is the fruit which grows after the flowers go over. I know the problem with finding time, there is never enough of it!!!! Keep well and take care Diane

  3. hello dear Diane,
    How typical, I write my comment then I get up to attend to something and when I come, sure I've finished and published it, I close your blog! LOL!!! Gee....... Elsa Meir is seriously after me!!
    Well, I was saying I find your photos exquisite and very... sunny!
    I saw you had rain like me here but France needs it!
    It should get sunnier soon.
    Warm hugs and enjoy your weekend :)

    1. I do that so often, or I have just typed a comment when my computer goes off line. I have to reboot several times a day and it drives me nuts!!
      Glad you like my photos, they will never compare to yours but I try :-)
      We have had a lot of rain and still more to come, but a couple of dry days has helped get some jobs done.
      Busy weekend coming up, we are out both days!!! Hope your weekend is a good one, warm hugs Diane

  4. I always enjoy your yard photos.

    1. I am lucky to usually have a good collection of bugs around :-) Diane


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