Tuesday, May 4, 2021

04/05/2021 Lockdown remains much the same.......

 The maximum temperature here today 15⁰C, minimum 5⁰C.  Dry though 90% rain is forecast!! Maybe tonight. (Yes, it has started 20h09).  22km/h  South Westerly winds with gusts up to 56 km/h.    Rain forecast for most of this week and the temperatures rise again a little.  The garden I hope will be happy!

Spanish Bluebells.

Buttercups (Ranunculus bulbosus).

Camillia (Camellia Japonica).


Spanish Iris (Iris xiphium).

Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera Buckleyi) with its dates a bit mixed up!

Cymbidium Orchid.

Thirsty Western Honey Bee (Apis mellifera).

As above.

Fire bug. (Pyrrhocoris apterus) better known as the Gendarme beetle.  I always think they look like African masks!

Eristalis similis (Glass-winged Dronefly) a member of the Hoverfly family...

I was fascinated watching it as it appeared to be stretching and cleaning each part of its body. A video would have been good but I could not send it anywhere as it would have taken a week to download it on this WiFi speed...

As above.

The caterpillar of the Jersey Tiger Moth (Euplagia quadripunctaria).

I wonder now what the time is 🕤😊

Take care everybody, keep well and stay safe.

My local list of wildflowers. (90 Species 23/08/2020).

See also my


  1. Your temperature and weather seem to mirror what we have here, Diane. Yesterday it rained on and off most of the day, and the high got up to around fifteen. Periods of rain are predicted for the rest of the week, but growth is prolific everywhere and the full flush of spring is more than delightful. Your insect pictures and ID are greatly appreciated as always. Merçi beaucoup ma chère! Bonne journée.

  2. My thoughts exactly on the Fire bug. Love the images of the creepy crawlers. The blooms are gorgeous!

  3. Hi Diane - gosh it's so cold here ... but I gather it's going to be warm later this week - beautiful photos and the African Mask beetle is just beautiful ... but you've captured the insects so well. Here's to more settled weather - cheers Hilary


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